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The larger the area to be tiled, the lower the labor cost per square foot?

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Question: The larger the area to be tiled, the lower the labor cost per square foot?
Top Answer (53% of 79 votes): True.

Answer: True
Explanation: Obviously there are passive operations ( setting up the job the first day, waterproofing etc) and these are similar to every project. that takes time so if the area to be tiles is bigger then the price per square foot will decrease.
Art & Mosaics LLc
Answer: False
Explanation: Actually, the smaller the area the more labor cost
Bayway Ceramic Tile, Inc.
Answer: False
Explanation: NO, because has to doing the same quality in 10 S.F. or 1000 S.F.
AMG Flooring & Paint, Inc.
Answer: True
Explanation: In large areas to be tiled most of the square footage is in the middle of the floor or space. As a result the installation goes very quick. Most of the time spent cutting will only be on the outside edges. The areas requiring cutting are far less than the middle areas that don’t require cuts. The ratio for cut pieces to non cut pieces is low. This will allow for a faster installation. The exact opposite applies to smaller areas such as bathroom floors, countertops, kitchen backsplashes etc.
Utopia Tile & Stone
Answer: False
Explanation: I charge a certain amount per square foot regardless but there are circumstances that apply that can lower the cost per square foot for a larger area
Charles barnett
Answer: True
Explanation: We offer special discounts on large jobs.
Bacallao Flooring
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: It depends on the degree of difficulty. Depends on the type of material as well.
Seaside Stone and Tile, LLC
Answer: False
Explanation: My sq ft charge is firm ,small jobs are done on a per project basis
Handyman Hustler Home Services
Answer: True
Explanation: Small areas always take more time more cuts you still need to set up your equipment for a large job or a small job therefore it's a lot better to have a large job for cost effectiveness
Answer: True
Explanation: More tile better discount
Foster Construction
Answer: True
Explanation: The larger the area to be tiled the cost per sq ft declines, you save more money when you get more work done...
MRG Painting & Projects
Answer: False
Explanation: Every job is different based on Preperation, cost of tile
Frank DeMore Painting
Answer: True
Explanation: Small area can be as high as .22 cent per foot but larger can go as low as .14 cents per foot.
Saul Reyes Contracting.
Answer: True
Explanation: This is true here at Tiling San Diego the more the Sq ftg the better the Sq ft price. But it has to be a minimum of 1,000 and up to get the lower Sq ft price and that would be for the installation of the tile only. It would not apply to demolition, prepping etc...
Tiling San Diego
Answer: False
Explanation: Depends size of tile products
Floors 2 UR Doors
Answer: False
Explanation: How's that work..!!???
E&E Installations Inc.
Answer: True
Explanation: obvious
TAC Tile
Answer: False
Explanation: I charge per square foot regardless of the size area
Answer: True
Explanation: More cut in a small area
Phil's flooring
Answer: False
Explanation: the area still has to be inspected, prepped and installed
A Better Flooring
Answer: False
Explanation: It is the same labor cost per Sq. Ft. but in my case i do discounts for the bigger the job or constant hiring to do more work for same customers, YES! i always provide with GREAT DISCOUNTS!
Prime Solutionz & GR a LUKYNY LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: Flex pricing
All Tile & Stone
Answer: True
Explanation: I try to be very reasonable in my prices. If I am tiling a surface, I will lower the price per sq ft because I can help my customer
Splish Splash Pool Service
Answer: True
Explanation: Usually the bigger the job, the better the cost per square foot. However, we have very competitive rates for any size floor.
DC Construction Services Inc.
Answer: True
Explanation: More time on the job
The Tile Smith
Answer: False
Explanation: Its the same
Whites Flooring
Answer: True
Explanation: In most cases this is true. It always depends what substrate you are tiling over along with what exactly you are putting in and if there are any patterns involved.
Russell Tile
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